We meet at dawn.

Welcome to the hottest underground game, where Black excellence is celebrated in all of its forms. Consult the rules, deal yourself a hand, and #LetsPlaySlay.

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  1. Challenge a friend to a duel on Twitter by tweeting the phrase “We meet at dawn” at them with #LetsPlaySlay. (Make sure you’re signed in to your account.)
  2. Deal yourself a hand of SLAY cards below. Choose three cards for a quick game or six cards for a full game.
  3. Play SLAY by tweeting cards at your opponent and having them tweet cards at you. You can download cards to your desktop, save them to your mobile device, or tweet them from the site.
  4. Each player starts with 100 points. If the card you play has a negative percentage effect listed, your opponent must subtract 10 points from their score. If the card you play has a positive percentage effect listed, you must add 5 points to your score. If you play a card with no percentage effect listed, no points are added or removed. Whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins!
  5. If you play the Hustle card, you steal half of your opponent’s points.
  6. If you play the Shuffle card, you switch points with your opponent.
SLAY The Book

NOTE: This is a simplified version of SLAY created to be easily played on Twitter! In the book’s version of SLAY, in-game characters take on the powers specified on the cards. This means that cards that do not carry points in this version can have massive benefits in the in-book game. To learn more, read SLAY by Brittney Morris!, and explore the cards here!

Card illustrations © Annabelle Hayford

Card One
Card Two
Card Three